3 New Free Games to Download!

We just wanted to let you know there’s 3 new versions of these games to download:

Boxing Games

Find a Coin

Star Fall

We had some issues with our old iTunes account, and we had to re-upload these to our new account.

So, even if you already have these games, please re-download them.

These are the 3 versions that will be receiving updates from now on.

Sorry for any hassles, but we really hope you enjoy the games!

Have a great day,


p.s.  If you have the “Pro” versions of any of the games above, we’ll be discounting the new versions to “free” soon, so you can re-download those as well.  ;-)

p.p.s.  Any new ratings and reviews would REALLY help as well … since they’re brand new apps, we’ve lost all our ratings… :-(

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