2 New Games Just Submitted to Apple!

Some BIG things happening right now at evertap, so I wanted to fill you in on a couple things to bring you up to date.

First off, we just submitted two new games to Apple for review!

Apple has been taking about a week to review any new submissions, so hopefully you’ll be able to download at least one of these games next week.

You never know with Apple though … so we’ll see!

The next news is about the evertap Nation … it’s growing!

Last week, almost 150,000 new evertappers downloaded our games.

If you’re one of the new 150k … Welcome!  And if you’ve been with us for a while, a Sincere Thanks for your support … it’s good to have you with us! ;-)

If you’d like to keep updated with what we have going on at evertap, please take a second to join the eVIP Newsletter.

If you’re already on the eVIP list, then check your inbox … just sent something your way. ;-)

Lots of cool things happening now, and some REALLY COOL things coming in the future.

Thanks again for your continued support!

Enjoy the day!




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