evertap iPad Giveaway Coming Soon!

Good News … we’ll be hosting an evertap iPad giveaway soon!

I just ordered this iPad from Apple.

I know many of you were requesting smaller giveaways (like iTunes giftcards), but I realized something last night.

If we start giving away iTunes Giftcards … then only people in the US could win them.  (and that would suck for everyone that isn’t in the United States).

So, to be fair to everyone, we’re going to give away a new iPad soon (and we’ll ship it anywhere in the world) ;-)

More news on the giveaway will be coming soon, but if you want a chance to win the iPad, be sure to subscribe to our newsletter.

Keep your eyes on your inbox this month for details on the giveaway.

Enjoy the day,


p.s.  Don’t forget to follow us on facebook and twitter… ;-)

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  1. Yvana says:

    I was going to get one for my birthday but my parents didn’t have enough money I got so mad I really want an iPad

  2. B. Tabibzadeh says:

    I thank you in advance ;-) .
    I badly need one but can not afford it, so it would be so very nice to win one just for being one of evertab’s friends.;-)

    • evertap says:

      Nope … completely free for anyone to enter. We’re paying the shipping to anywhere in the world as well. ;-)

  3. Daria says:

    I really would like an iPad, but whoever wins, wins. I’ll be happy for them that they at least tried to win, and for everyone else that did, too! Have a goodnight everyone!!


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