evertap News – Stickly on Android and iPad Giveaway Date Picked!

Just wanted to update you on a couple news items:


First off, Save Stickly is on Android now!

Save Stickly Free Android Game

It’s the VERY first game we’ve published on Android.  (Racing Games will be next) ;-)

Please take a second to download the free Android game and let us know what you think.


The second bit of news is about the iPad Giveaway.

We’ve picked a date …

The New 3rd Generation iPad will be given away on June 22, 2012.

We’ve created the evertap iPad Giveaway on facebook.

That’s it for today’s news.

Have an AWESOME Friday!

Talk soon,




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  1. RathTheFallen says:

    Great job Ryan! Uh but theres a problem… Im going on Vacation starting on the 17th of July, and Im coming back on Aug. 1st. What happens if Im picked? It shipped to me after my vacation?

  2. Maynor says:

    My brother did not tell me there was a giveaway if I won I would have bought iMovie for the iPad. I don’t have a iPad, but yes I entered the iPad giveaway only once. I have two brothers Steve and Kevin. Steve and I share the same iPod touch and take turns entering these giveaways. I’m lucky my dad let me take the iPod to school today. My brother Kevin on the other hand he is a 14 year old actor. He appeared in the movie “The Sitter” and a couple of other TV shows yes Kevin is the one with the greasy hair. He gets the most attention in the house. Me and him go to Hollywood High School. We are both in a filming class, we are both freshmen. My mom is a breast cancer survivor. I get the most attention from my mom because I stayed with her in the hospital for two weeks straight. Steve is 13 years old. He has a severe knee injury for playing soccer. I want to make a movie about him if I get the iPad. I want to get my dad’s attention because I want to be a movie director. I hope I win the iPad so I could learn how to edit and all that other cool stuff. I hope I win. ThankYou and have a great weekend! :)

  3. Sonya M. says:

    O yeah….I am sure glad I came to this page and downloaded the game “Save Stickly” because it’s SWEET!!! :) I’m looking forward to the racing games too. Thanks for the iPad giveaway!!!


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