Sudoku Rejected for iPad Giveaway … :-(

Just got some bad news from Apple … Sudoku was rejected because of our iPad giveaway.

From Apple:

“We found that your app includes a contest which provides Apple products as prizes. Apps that include such offerings incorrectly create an association with Apple, Inc. and are not in compliance with the App Store Review Guidelines.

To address this issue, please revise the contest, and its rules, to remove Apple products as the prizes. This will eliminate the association with Apple Inc. and the suggestion that Apple sponsors, or is otherwise involved, in the contest.”

So, we’re not really sure what’s going to happen with the iPad Giveaway.

We’ve revised all our contest information to clearly state that Apple is not affiliated with this giveaway, but we’re waiting to hear from them to see if we can continue this contest.

We’ll keep you updated with any news.

Enjoy the day,


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  1. pccapso says:

    Apple can be verrrry picky with that kind of stuff. I would switch and give out a acer iconia android tablet for the winner. Apple would hopefuly realize that that meand a loss for them in app and media sales and allow you to revert back to iPad. But the iconia is cheaper and better in every way compared to iPad. Are there any apps like FAR for android? Anyway good luck with apple.

    • evertap says:

      Yeah, we’re really wanting to stick with the iPad … we’ll see though. As for FAR related apps on Android … I’m not sure.


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