iPad Giveaway Winner Photos!

Well, we shipped off the first official evertap iPad to Mexico a couple weeks ago, and I’m excited today to share some photos with you.

Congrats to Marco Urrea for winning the very first evertap iPad:

Right now we’ve just passed the 2,000,000 download mark, but are waiting on Apple to see if we can continue this giveaway.

Apple just rejected Sudoku because of the giveaway, but we’re working hard to ensure this contest meets all Apple’s guidelines.

Stay tuned for updates!

Enjoy the games,


p.s.  Really love that evertap sticker Marco made for the iPad … looks great Marco! ;-)



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  1. Bette/tookiezbz says:

    Congrats Marco what an excellent prize!!!
    Great pics & great slipcover to protect your Apple iPad! The logo is soooo coOOoOl! Have fun!!

    Waking up Apple….be proud that we all like it sooo much we enter contests to try to win one…no harm … no foul! geeesh and you got the $$$ for it! Chill

  2. Hayden Marshall says:

    Why can’t you give 5 or even 10 at one time so that some people can have a chance and winning

    Good luck bro they are try they hardiest to fix the problem

  3. J'loni says:

    Dear evertaP , my name is jloni anderson and I think I deserve to win this contest , because i have never won a prize from a contest and that is why , I think i deserve to win this contest .


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