eVIP iTunes Giftcard Winners Announced!

Just wanted to write a quick post to congratulate our eVIP Members that won our $100 $150 iTunes Giftcard Giveaway.

(we decided to giveaway $150 instead of $100 this time) ;-)

eVIP Winners:

  1. Martina
  2. Mary Eads
  3. Jacob Vrolyk
  4. Dennis Dubber
  5. Aaron Solberg
  6. Angel
  7. Janet Kazimi
  8. Ismael Cano
  9. Michael Raimondi
  10. Sami Belina
  11. Ella Shellard
  12. Bret
  13. Abigail Robles
  14. Darien Wilburn
  15. Jessica Hansen

If your name is on the list above, then please check your inbox now for a $10 iTunes Giftcard…. Enjoy! ;-)

Also, please don’t be upset if you didn’t win.

We have TONS of giveaways at evertap with LOTS of opportunities to win!

Thanks for visiting evertap.

Enjoy the games,


p.s.  If you want a chance at winning any of these giveaways, then please register for free as an eVIP Member.

17 replies
  1. Cindy Richmond says:

    I was lucky enough to win in your first giveaway but I have yet to receive my $10 iTunes card. Is there any reason I have not received it? Please advise what is happening with this

      • evertap says:

        Hi Dennis … you must have a US iTunes account to redeem the giftcards.

        Unfortunately this is Apple’s policy … because my account is US, I can only send US giftcards. (I know you can create a US iTunes account if you’re not in the US, but I’m not sure how because I’ve never had to do that)

        Sorry for any inconvenience!

  2. Jacob says:

    I haven’t yet received my gift card…has it not been sent yet? If it has, could you instead send it to this email address? Not trying to be impatient, but I am excited for some new apps. :)

  3. Ismael says:

    Whoa!! I checked the list and I couldn’t believe that I won my first gift card and apps here I come. Thanks so much Ryan for everything can’t wait for the next giveaway. :-) and its worth being patient for everything.

  4. pccapso says:

    aww well. just keep up the giveaways. I hope your finger gets back to normal soon. I do not envy you. Have some nice eel soup for revenge or something.


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