Apple Rejected Our Game! :-(

Just got news that Apple rejected our Movie Quiz Game.

I almost lost it when I heard the news … here’s a pic of me when I read the email:


However … I was able to keep my composure … only one tear was lost to this event.

Evidentaly we can’t use pictures of Disney movies in our games.  We had a few of Lion King … Ooops!

Well, we’ve removed all the incriminating photos, and ….

We just resubmitted the game this morning …

Mission Accomplished!


(That was also a pic of me at the beach squeezing some sand … celebrating our accomplishment of re uploading)

So, hopefully Apple will approve this version of Movie Quiz.

It’s a super fun game that I really think you’ll enjoy.

We’ll keep you updated with any progress.

Thanks for reading.

Have an awesome Monday,


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