Which Charity Should We Donate to?

charityhelpThe first 3 days of launch were awesome …

34,488 downloads of Celebrity Pics Quiz.

Now … we just have to find out where to donate the money.

We promised to give 1 Penny ($0.01 USD) to charity for every free download we received on the first 3 days of launch.

So total, we owe $344.88 to charity (we’ll just round it up to $345) ;-)

However, right now we don’t have a charity in mind to donate to, so we’re asking for your help.

Can you please let us know either in the comments of this post, or on facebook your opinion on where the money should go.

Thanks for the help, and also for downloading our free game.

We look forward to doing more of this soon.

Have an awesome day,



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  1. Ms. Fuller-Mas says:

    Please donate to HHK( Helping Honduras Kids)! I just served there
    on a mission trip. The provide a children’s home for abandoned and exploited children ( both male and female). I saw first hand how the owner
    does not take a salary and it goes directly to the kids. They put them in a school which they created that also is free and open to the community ( desparetly poor families living on the side of a mountain). The school provides 2 meals daily ( some children walk over an hour daily on unpaved mountain roads) . Great charity! Education is the way out of poverty!


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