Here’s the list of charities we donated to

charitiesFirst off, we wanted to say a BIG thanks for helping us choose where to donate the evertap funds.

Here’s the final list of this round of charity donations:

In total, we donated $385!  Thank you SO MUCH for being a part of this … it wouldn’t be possible without your help.

We also wanted to thank our users that suggested the charities to donate to.

Thanks Ms. Fuller, Lorrie Sheehan, Luiza, Amy Clute, Pauline Power, Rachel Duncan, and anyone else that suggested charities on the blog or facebook.

We’ll be hosting another charity giveaway with our next new game … Stay Tuned!

Enjoy the day,


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p.p.s.  If you like ninja games, then you’re going to love our newest free game coming soon!

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