Last Day to Help DonorsChoose by Downloads Bike Games for Free


Today is the last day to help out DonorsChoose by downloading our free game at …

We’re SO CLOSE to reaching our 50k download goal!

At the time of this writing, we’re at 48,303 downloads.

(we’ve already donated $459.17 in the first 6 days) … 

So first … Thank You SO MUCH if you’ve already downloaded the game. We really appreciate it, as well as the teachers that we’re helping to fund.

Here’s another message from one of the teacher’s we helped fund yesterday …

“THANK YOU!!! I’m so glad there is someone like you out there willing to help out. Your support in making math fun and active will impact students this year and for years to come.” – Mrs. Thompson

So we’re really pumped about our first donation downloads campaign, and are really excited to finish it out strong.

Thanks so much for your help.

Enjoy the day,


p.s. Remember we’re giving away a $100 iTunes Giftcard on Friday to one lucky reviewer. Simply leave a review on iTunes for Bike Games, then submit your entry here:

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